From close-up entertainment to stage theatrical magic, I offer a wide variety of performances that can be “tailored” to suit the theme and logistics of your event, from corporate galas to cabarets nights and children parties.


To me, “close-up magic” means pure entertainement. People enjoy being entertained. And though a high level of mastery in magic counts a lot, in itself it won’t do if it is not matching the mood, age group or social environement.

Having studied social dynamics for years ( the study of how people interact with each other in a social circle, be it a bar, office, school playground or any other gathering ), I came to the conclusion that being able feel how the people in front of you are and what they are receptive to, is more important that how much magic you know (  and after 27 years of practice, I know quite a bit ).

This is why classic props such as coins, sponge balls or bank notes, as more “unusual” ones such as finger rings,  rubber bands or Rubik’s Cube, and of course my beloved cards, are being used in a very “free style” manner, where I dive into the dynamics of the group I’m entertaining to act on anything they say, any reaction they have, making the experience completely personal.


As a multiaward winning stage magician with 19 years of professional experience in Paris cabarets, alternative scenes, London burlesque shows and corporate galas, I feel very priviledged to have performed in front of so many different people, from age to occupation and sensibility. 

Whether you need a 5 min spot of visual magic on a panel of artists, or a full 1 hour and half theatrical performance, I can match costume, music and text to your audience or event theme.

all my shows are a subtle blend of high level sleight of hand, interactive comedy and other art forms, such as contact juggling or balloon modeling.

Whatever you need, we can create.