Cardistry is the art of card flourishes : a display of aesthetic and skillful card manipulations with no magic involved. Beautiful moves with beautiful cards.

Around two decades ago, a few magicians started gathering all the “flourishes”, which are moves such as card fans, card spreads and other impossible ways to shuffle and cut ( you know, the “fancy show-off stuff” ) which had been used for ever as embellishements for card tricks. They then stripped all the magic away to create a complete new art form, more related to juggling or dancing (but with fingers ) than to their original art. It became known as “XCM” (Extreme Card Manipulation) and later on the term “Cardistry” (Card Artistry ), emerged.

Though seen as some “annoying triffles” by many practitioners in the magical world ( “it’s not real magic !” many said ), this new art and its community grew exponentially, followed by the big cards companies ( such as the U.S Playing Cards Company ) which started crafting and puting on the market many new decks with new visuals and different paper qualities, and collaborating with private pioneers and influencers so they could release their own signature decks.

Today Cardistry is a very popular art form, which has gone viral on the internet. It offers a tremendous added value to any corporate event such as banquet or cocktail party. It is the highest level of dexterity you can achieve with a pack of cards, and it makes people thrilled to see someone do these crazy shuffles that defy gravity, right ?

Below you can watch a collaboration with RÖDelk Productions in the form of a trilogy of videos dedicated to card flourishes. I hope that you enjoy it !